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About RT Book Reviews

Founded in 1981 by Kathryn Falk, Romantic Times was a tabloid newspaper created to connect the varied fans and authors of romance novels, back when only about 30 novels were being produced each month.

Almost 35 years later we now review more than 200 new books a month on Although our July 2016 issue was our final one in print, we have transitioned into a web-based format that can cover even more content than the print format allowed. Our website is visited by readers, booksellers, writers, agents, editors and publishers in nearly every country in the world, covering what has become a billion-dollar-a-year industry that produces hundreds of new book titles each month.

Although RT Book Reviews continues to cover so many new titles each month, because of the rise in indie and small press published books, we are not able to cover them all.  We now offer RT Review Source as a separate paid service which allows us to review books that may not have been considered for the general website. Our goal for our website and for the review service is to let readers know about as many books as possible so they can make informed decisions for which books they want to buy each month.