Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Cost is $425 per book for books up to 450 pages and $500 for books 451 pages and above.

How does it work?
Clicking the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the home page will take you to the Rapid Review portal, where you will need to create an author account to start. Once the author account is set up, you’ll be able to submit the book for review. When we receive the submission, an RT Review Source staff member will assign the book for review to an available, applicable reviewer. The reviewer will read the book and write up a review following the RT Book Reviews reviewers’ guidelines. Once we receive the review, it will then be sent to an editor. Once the review has been edited and proofed,  it is sent to the author. The author will then choose whether she/he wants the review to be public or not. If the author would like to publish the review, then it will be featured on, tagged as an RT Review Source exclusive.

There is an RT Review Source tab in the right-hand column of many pages on which spotlights RT Review Source reviews. Clicking on “Find new books and authors” will take fans to all the books reviewed through the service. It’s also searchable by genre.

If the author does not want to make the review public, then it will not appear anywhere.

What’s the difference between RT Book Reviews and RT Review Source reviews?
Although they are very similar, there are a few differences between RT Book Reviews and RT Review Source reviews.

1. Submissions for RT Book Reviews are due about four months prior to the book’s publication date, whereas submissions for RT Review Source can be done at any point, even after the book has been available for a few years.

2. RT Review Source reviews are purchased by the author, publisher or representative. (Using the RT Review Source paid service does not guarantee a favorable review.) The reviews by RT Book Reviews are NOT purchased, they are selected by our editors.

3. RT Review Source reviews are published only at the author’s discretion, whereas RT Book Reviews’ are published solely at our editors’ discretion.

How does RT Review Source affect the reviews at RT Book Reviews?
Although the review service and RT Book Reviews’ reviews are similar, they are separate entities. RT Book Reviews will continue to cover hundreds of new books each month at no charge, however we are not able to review every book that is submitted to us each month. RT Review Source reviews are guaranteed to be added to our website as long as the author gives the authorization.

It seems kind of dodgy. Why should I pay for a book review?
We definitely understand your hesitation about paying for a book review. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there! We did not come to the decision to create a paid review service lightly. Through RT Book Reviews we know we have voracious readers who are clamoring to know about the latest new books and who would love to know about indie and self-published books as well. Since the market has changed and there are thousands of books published each month, there is simply no way we could cover them all. Many books that are submitted to us do not meet our lead time, so they are automatically eliminated from consideration.

We spoke with a lot of authors, readers and industry professionals before we launched the new service, and the overall consensus is that, although it would be great if we were able to keep up with the demand to cover every applicable book that comes out each month, they understand that the new reality, with the influx of books on the market, prevents us from doing so. They say that they wouldn’t trust just anyone’s paid reviews, but they would trust RT’s.

For as long as I can remember, we authors have been told to never pay for a review. How is this different?
See “It seems kind of dodgy. Why should I pay for a book review?” above.

If the review is paid for, how can you trust it?
Authors are purchasing the time and resources that are needed to produce a book review. They are NOT purchasing a favorable review. Whether the reviewer likes the book or not, the cost of the review is the same, and the reviewer’s and editor’s and RT staff’s compensation remains the same. The authors and the reviewers will not have direct contact with each other. The reviewers will not solicit for submissions and will not receive a higher fee for a great review versus a less than stellar review. In other words, there is no extra incentive for a reviewer to provide a glowing review. We merely ask them to provide an honest opinion of a book. Our reputation is our biggest asset, after all.

I don’t like the review that I bought. How can I get a refund?
RT Review Source reviews are non-refundable. As we mentioned in several places, using the service does not guarantee that you will receive a glowing review, only an honest one.

I don’t like the review that I bought. What do I need to do to make sure that no one else sees it?
Your RT Review Source review is yours to use for promotional purposes. We will not publish the review without your authorization.

Are RT Review Source reviews separated from the RT Book Reviews website reviews?
Yes. RT Review Source reviews are tagged as such when they appear on our website and may be featured in ads for RT Review Source.

Are books reviewed by RT Review Source eligible for awards?
Yes. Books reviewed by RT Review Source will be eligible for their own RT award category. Books will not be competing against books reviewed by RT Book Reviews, but rather against other books that were reviewed through RT Review Source.

How does one become a reviewer for RT Review Source?
We are currently set with reviewers for the service, but if you’d like to be considered for the future, please email your request to

I’m an author / author representative / publisher representative. Can I also review for the service?
No. We need our reviewers to be as impartial as possible. We cannot risk RT’s reputation by allowing even the perception of impropriety in that regard.

I would like to have a review for book # ?? of my series, but you haven’t reviewed the previous title. Can I still submit it for review?
Absolutely, as long as the book can be read as a stand-alone. If the book is best read in order, though, then you should go back and submit the first book in the series for review first. When submitting subsequent books in the series later, be sure to indicate that the book should be reviewed by the same reviewer.

My book was published last week/month/year. Can it still be reviewed?
Absolutely! That’s one of the best things about RT Review Source. The service literally opens up the possibility of review to hundreds of thousands of books that have been previously published but never before reviewed by RT Book Reviews.