Simple & Easy

Make sure that you have all of the required information and files ready before getting started.

In addition to that basic information (author name, book title, publishing information and date, 13 digit ISBN, price, page count and genre/sub-genre of your book,) we’ll need you to upload:

  • a PDF copy of the book
  • a TIF or JPG book cover file (300 dpi at at least 4 inches tall)
  • a TIF or JPG author photo to be used for possible promotional purposes. (300 dpi at at least 4 inches tall.)

Cost for the service is $425 for books that are up to 450 pages. Longer books are an additional $75. When the review has been completed, you’ll get a notification (including the review) via email, and we’ll wait for your instructions on whether to post it or keep it private.